SquareOne - IOST

OUR Vision

SquareOne IOST sole focus is to host a node on iost network, we are certain that IOST is the best product out there. Their POB consensus algorithm enables a more decentralized and secure network, and does not allow cartel groups to form.

With such an amazing team and leadership IOST is primed for succes, they thrive at what they do, and only rational thing for SquareOne IOST is to be a part of this amazing company.

SquareOne IOST node

OUR Purpose

SquareOne IOST was created with the intention to help to promote IOST and to promote their innovative and groundbreaking methods in blockchain technology.

We are IOST supporter since its beginning and we promote what we think is the best product out there. Our node will provide a stable service to ensure IOST will thrive and take the blockchain to the next level.

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